Race to the Finish Line

We’re extending our campaign for $25k until October 8, giving you just 2 more weeks to get involved!  Help us cross our fundraising finish line on the same day that Usama completes his 250 km/156 mile race.

Usama is braving temperatures up to 122°F and carrying everything he needs on his back to finish this 6 marathon race for TYO.  He's doing it to bring TYO's powerful programs to more disadvantaged communities and individuals throughout Palestine and the Middle East.  Your contribution will make a huge difference in the lives of TYO's children, youth, mothers, and women entrepreneurs.

The best ways for you to help are:

1. Donate Adopt one of Usama’s 250 km/156 miles by donating $100, or whatever you can. Every little bit counts!

2. Spread the word Share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, by email, and by word of mouth. It's easy - just use the social media icons at the top of this post!

Thank you for your time and generosity!  And stay tuned for photos from our October 2nd TYO community walk in Nablus, when we will celebrate the start of Usama's race.