Introducing the Women's Group at TYO

With the start of the Fall session and the acquisition of two additional floors in the Zafar Al-Masri Foundation building, TYO is pleased to announce the launch of its newly established pilot project called The Women's Group.  Rolled out on October 3rd, the initiative comprises a comprehensive series of interactive seminars that provide a platform for women to participate in dialogue with experts for improving conditions in health and lifestyle. To facilitate thought-provoking conversations, TYO is partnering with several local organizations that are providing specialists on topics in health, mental health, parenting & children's needs, education & literacy, and women's empowerment. Partner organizations include: The Palestinian Charitable Family Planning and Protection Society, The Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Tortured Victims, The Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development, The Palestinian Counseling Center, The Early Childhood Resource Center, and An-Najah University.

Though TYO already offers IT and fitness courses for women, the motivation that has driven the concept of providing semi-formal or "round-table" conversations for Nablusi women is the fact that these topics, though vital to engage in, are commonly overlooked. Through the seminars women will have the opportunity to become learned in practical skills and resources/local organizations that are available to assist them in adopting habits that will them help yield a better quality of life. Fostering a positive learning environment and safe space is of utmost importance in order to encourage women to freely participate in voicing their thoughts and concerns. Additionally, referrals for discounted breast exams, hot-line counseling services,  and drama therapy will be provided by TYO partners.

In the initial stages of the project, The Women's Group seeks to target approximately 60 women from refugee camps and neighboring disadvantaged areas of Nablus. However, based on the success of the pilot project, we look forward to extending our reach far beyond 60 women and create an even larger impact for women's sustainable development in future sessions. Thus far, we are receiving great feedback from participants. We will keep you posted on the progress and success of The Women's Group. Stay tuned!