TYO Recommends: October 14, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone! Have a great weekend and enjoy our recommended links from around the web:

VIDEO: WOMEN AND MOBILE--a Global Opportunity. A great Conversation between Council on Foreign Relations' Isobel Coleman and Cherie Blair.

FACT or FICTION? This article address myths associated with EDUCATION IN THE ARAB WORLD

PODCAST: How can we build BETTER HOMEWORK? Takeaways from the science of learning for parents and teachers of young children (courtesy of the Early Ed Watch at New America Foundation)

World Teacher Day might have been last week, but its never too late to THANK A TEACHER

MAP: An interactive map of global REFUGEE populations

October is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Awareness month. Spread the word!

INFOGRAPHIC: How the top 50 nonprofits use SOCIAL MEDIA (courtesy of Craig Connects)