TYO Round Up: Week of October 23, 2011

 Sunday, October 23

TYO interns, Abi, Aimee, Andrew, and James share reflections on how their classes EXPRESS THEMSELVES through art, music, and sport.


 Monday, October 24

How can TECHNOLOGY be used to enhance early education?


Tuesday, October 25

A discussion with TYO mom, Jenan, about her daughter's PROGRESS through TYO's Homework Help.


Wednesday, October 26

Announcing the launch of the Triple Exposure Program's new GALLERY.


Thursday, October 27

An interview with WEL Program participant and budding entrepreneur, SOUMAYA JOKMAK.


Friday, October 28

This week's RECOMMENDATIONS, including: Kristoff's "Occupy the Classroom;" new Islamic Art Galleries at the Met; recent ECE study findings; follow-up articles on technology in ECE; the Middle East's youngest film fest; and more!