TYO Round Up: Week of November 13, 2011

We've had such AMAZING content on the TYO Blog this week. Did you miss any of it? Don't worry! You can catch up below:


Sunday, November 13

TYO Intern Alumni: Where are they now? An interview with SAMEE  (Fall 2010 intern).


Monday, November 14

How do you INVOLVE parents in non-formal education?


Tuesday, November 15

GOOOOOOOOOAL! TYO youth participate in soccer match


Wednesday, November 16

Emotional development through ART at TYO.


Thursday, November 17

Special GUEST, Professor Shaer of An Najah University, at the Women's Group


Friday, November 18

TYO believes in the right to high quality weekend reading! Enjoy and SHARE our recommendations from this week.