The Women's Group Pilot Project: Success!

This week in The Women's Group (TWG) seminars we have been conducting final assessments to gauge women's responses to the pilot project. Based on the high attendance rates to the very final week, pages of already filled Spring 2012 registration sheets, and the praising comments it is clear that TWG has successfully met the needs of the women.

To celebrate the final week of the session, this week's guest speakers have been hosting parties for the women with refreshments, cake and music! Additionally, this Saturday TYO will host a special luncheon for committed attendees and speakers of TWG, followed by an Open Day for children and families of the Core, Intern and Triple Exposure Programs. We look forward to the start of the new session in January 2012, and are eagerly recruiting new organizations and noted professionals to add to our list of women's group partners. Scroll through some of our favorite moments from TWG this session, below.

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