Meet the Youth Leadership Committee!

The Youth Leadership Committee (YLC) was formed through the Youth Action Local Leadership Alliance (YALLA), a nascent TYO project with support from the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).  YLC members will apply their training to support youth-identified community initiatives over the next year.  Meet the youth leaders below:  

My name is  Ayah Mufeed Jarra and I study English Literature at An-Najah National University.  I worked with Relief  International's School on Line as an assistant and I was responsible for youth activities and supporting education initiatives for students who needed extra support in English, Arabic, and Math.  I have volunteered with local organizations in Nablus and I was interested to volunteer with the YLC because it will help develop my skills in communication and leadership.


My name is Waleed Tamimi and I am a Business Administration student at An Najah National University in Nablus. I have been involved and volunteered with local and international youth organizations in Palestine and abroad such as the Palestinian Medical Relief Association, Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights and Tomorrows Youth Organization. My interests include politics, youth activism, and traveling. I believe YALLA will help me in the short and long term, applying what I am studying  at the university and facilitating my contribution in building a new Palestinian youth who seek  freedom and justice.


My name is Jamila Hanani and I am a third-year English Language and Literature student at An-Najah National University. I have been a volunteer at TYO since 2010. I have always liked voluntary work for being a double-win; for our society and community and also for ourselves. YLC is a great chance for me to cooperate with people who have the initiative to work in developing community projects and the opportunity to supervise them.


My name is Ahmad Khatib and I am from Jenin.  I study Psychology at An Najah National University.  I have been a TYO volunteer since 2009 and it has given me the opportunity to develop life skills. I am  happy to have this chance to participate in making a positive change in the community.



My name is Roula Joudeh and I am studying Arabic An-Najah National University.  Since 2009 I have volunteered at TYO in different classes such as health, art and at the homework help drop-in center.  My experience at TYO taught me how to work positively with children, how to plan activities, and developed my professional skills and life skills.  I am participating  with the YLC because I want the chance to help the people of Nablus.


My name is  Massa Al-Ahmad and I live in Jenin. I am studying English Language and Literature at An Najah National University.  I worked as a volunteer with organizations such as PLO, PRCS, and Palestinian Medical Relief Committee. I have also taught kids, between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. I look forward to the opportunity to be a part of YLC.  Besides working with other youth, it will allow me to develop my personal and professional skills.


My name is Mohammed Abulkibash and I am studying English Language and Literature at An Najah National University. My first experience in volunteerism was with the Palestinian Red Crescent society (PRCS) as a volunteer in the Psycho-Social Support program for three years.  After that, I  began volunteering with TYO and currently support TYO programs as a translator.  I am in interested in the YLC because it will give me the opportunity to gain confidence and activate youth in our community.


My name is Loay Khaleel and I am currently earning my MA in Arabic at An Najah National University. My first experience in volunteerism was was with Palestinian Red Crescent society (PRCS) in 2000.  After that, I joined TYO and I am very interested to participate with YLC because it will allow me to learn how to implement a sustainable project.