The Women's Group 2.0


With the Spring 2012 session at TYO just a little over a week away, TYO Program Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator are working to create a bigger and better session for attendees of The Women's Group (TWG). After taking into consideration evaluation data, comments, suggestions and requests from the last post-pilot session,  a very busy and carefully planned schedule is ahead.

We were inundated with over 200 applicants for the spring session, and subsequently have planned to offer more class options for the women to enroll in. Because English was one of the most highly requested subjects on assessments, TWG will now be offering a basic and advanced class several times a week.  Furthermore, last session Advanced IT unfortunately catered to women better-versed in technology, so this session we are offering both Beginners and Advanced IT - allowing for a greater number of women to reap benefits. And to develop an even more comprehensive system at TYO and create more sustained improvements in our audience by reaching entire families, we have worked to recruit many of the mothers who have children enrolled in our early childhood Core Program.

Additionally, some of the new commonly requested topics called for us to recruit relevant qualified professionals. Most requested topics included some facet of marriage, which is why we have added the Women's Studies Center to our roster of partner organizations. In harmony with TWG's mission and request of last session's attendees, one of their areas of expertise includes giving workshops to women on early marriage, divorce, and family management with in-laws. We have also brought on board lawyers from the Children's Defense Society and the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution - who will address the highly requested topics of discussion on women and children's rights (in a marriage, in the workplace, regarding inheritance).

Finally, to meet the number one request of both attendees and speakers we have lengthened the time of seminars to allow for more dissection and in-depth discussion of each topic. When the most voiced critique of the pilot project was that seminars were not long enough, we were given affirmation that the women were pleased and craved more - which is exactly what we are preparing to give them.

Tune in to see photos and read about the start of TWG Spring 2012 session, complete list of new partners, and reaction of the women to the revamped program!


Samin is The Women's Group Program Coordinator