The Women's Group Doubles its Outreach

This week, The Women's Group (TWG) launched into the Spring 2012 session! After many requests from women for added topics (including Palestinian law and women's rights, early marriage, self-discipline and organization, and English) and an overflow of applicants, TWG has nearly doubled both its audience as well as its partner organizations.

With the pilot project, TWG served approximately 60 women from the community, and now is reaching over 120 women. We have increased our partner organizations from seven to eleven, including: The Palestinian Charitable Family Planning and Protection Society, The Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Tortured Victims, The Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development,The Palestinian Counseling Center, The Early Childhood Resource Center, YMCA Nablus, Children’s Defense Society, Family Defense Society, Women’s Studies Center, Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, Al-Aqsa Academy, Multi-Purpose Resource Center, and An-Najah University.

The attendees of TWG are overjoyed to be back. Take a look at some of the highlights from this week, below.


Samin is The Women’s Group Program Coordinator