TYO Round Up: Week of January 15, 2012

Top stories you might have missed on our blog this week, including special post in honor of MLK Day, volunteers and interns at Nablus, and TYO's top recommended links for the week!


sunday, january 15

In honor of MARTIN LUTHER KING JUNIOR DAY, TYO compares prejudice across borders-- discrimination and institutionalized racism in the US and Palestine.

Monday, January 16

TYO welcomes four bright, NEW SPRING INTERNS in Nablus!


Tuesday, January 17

Examining how to overcome barriers and impediments to VOLUNTEERISM faced by local youth in Palestine.


Wednesday, January 18

Creating a SAFE SPACE in the art classrooms of Nablus: a look at the Triple Exposure photography program.


Thursday, January 19

Building better business prospects for women in Lebanon, TYO interviews MS. HOUWAYDA CHARAF EL DINE.


Friday, January 20

TYO's recommended links for the week, taking a closer look at setbacks and strides for the WOMEN OF DEVELOPING NATIONS. Added peek at the internet protests in the U.S. this week.