TYO Round Up: Week of January 22, 2012

TYO officially re-opens its doors for spring semester in Nablus! Welcome back!

Monday, January 23

The Child Core Program kicks off to a sunny SPRING SEMESTER at TYO with some longer sessions and exciting enhancements to the curriculum.


Tuesday, January 24

TYO is thrilled to continue our PUBLIC DIPLOMACY PARTNERSHIP with the US Consulate in Jerusalem to bridge the culture gap between East and West with American interns living, learning, and teaching in Nablus.


Wednesday, January 25

Breaking the ice and building bonds, we begin TRAINING for new volunteers, interns, and translators as they prepare for spring classes. Welcome to the TYO family!


Thursday, January 26

Evolving attitudes towards CREATIVITY in education as we approach the rigid rote learning of the past with the inventive "out of the box" thinking of today.

Friday, January 27

TYO explores links between PLAY AND GAMING, and highlights changing paradigms of formal education and UNICEF's brilliantly successful peer education pilot.