TYO Round Up: February 11, 2012

Lots going on this week at TYO. Be sure you don't miss out!

  Sunday, February 5

TYO's Suhad Jabi looks at the benefits and therapeutic process of psychosocial STORYTELLING.


Monday, February 6

TYO supports the Women's Group with a LOVE-RAISER now through Valentine's Day next week!


Tuesday, February 7

The new interns EXPLORE An-Najah University and give their impressions of campus and student life.


Tuesday, February 7

Ahmad REPORTS back on his eye-opening experiences at the Sustainable Project Management training.


Wednesday, February 8

When is a PHOTO "just a photo"? When is it something more? TYO's Abi asks the students of Triple Exposure.


 Thursday, February 9

This week's Women's Group Member Spotlight is on: MUBARIKA


 Friday, February 10

What better way to celebrate the upcoming celebration of love than to show love by GIVING? TYO recommends interesting new ways to contribute to a cause.