TYO Round Up: Week of February 19, 2012

TYO rounds up exciting happenings in Nablus as February draws to a close!


Sunday, February 19

GET MOVING! Core Program teacher Haitham speaks up on the importance of physical activity and sports for young people.


Monday, February 20

Interns ask "What's LOVE got to do with it?" as they discover the meaning of Valentine's Day and expressions of love in Nablus.


Tuesday, February 21

Youth Leadership Committee trainings move full steam ahead with talks on effective LEADERSHIP led by Mr. Thuqan Qishawi, Director of the Quakers in Palestine.


Wednesday, February 22

TYO's Abi asks students to ponder the power of an IMAGE in today's increasingly visually-stimulated world.


Thursday, February 23

UK-based organization PLAN, strives to promote a woman's right to choose-- her future, that is.


Friday, February 24

Are students the axis upon which democratic norms will take hold in Arab nations? Bad students, bad teachers, or bad strategies? What does Generation X have in common with Boomers? In TYO's RECS this week!