British Ambassador to Lebanon, H. E. Tom Fletcher, Hosts Reception for WEL!

TYO and the WEL team were delighted when British Ambassador to Lebanon Tom Fletcher hosted a reception at his residence, in honor of the women of the WEL project! In addition to the WEL beneficiaries, HE Ambassador Fletcher also invited various Lebanese and Palestinian women in the fields of business, media, education, sports, arts and diplomacy.  Other guests included, the EU Ambassador, prominent Lebanese journalist May Chidiac, actress, comedian and drama therapist Zeina Dakache, and Olympic athlete Andria Paouli.

In his welcome speech Fletcher said: “It is superb to be celebrating International Women's Day with such a diverse, inspirational and talented group of people. In your respective fields - media, business, sport, the arts, government, and communities - you are proving that glass ceilings are breakable. When I said earlier that Lebanon would be more prosperous and stable with more women in the boardrooms and cabinet rooms, someone asked me to prove it. I believe you will be the people to prove it, and you have our support.”

The WEL beneficiaries shared their stories with other guests at the reception and made quite an impression! Their hard work, dedication to their businesses and entrepreneurial spirit shined through and the WEL team was very proud of their participation in the event. We were also very  honored to be chosen as a project to reflect the successful impact that women can make, both on local economy and community.  Many thanks to the Ambassador and his team here in Lebanon!

We will continue to help our women aim higher and prove that the role that women can play in economy is extremely valuable and impactful. Our WEL women are already breaking those glass ceilings!