Cherie Blair Foundation For Women Team Visits WEL

TYO and RMF were so pleased to welcome the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (CBFW) for the second stakeholders visit for the Women Entrepreneurs in Lebanon (WEL) project on February 22-24th. The visit brought Ms. Priya Patel, Business Support Programme Coordinator for her second visit to Beirut and introduced Ms. Lucy Hayter, the newest enthusiastic addition to the CBFW WEL team as Business Support Programme Manager.

TYO and CBFW made the rounds and started off the field visits at the BIAT center with founder and director, Mr. Nasri Mouawad, as well as three of the ten project finalists, Ms. Rima al Rachid, Ms. Souamaya Jokmak and Ms. Houwayda Charaf el Dine. Mr. Mouawad shared his insights into the project’s successes and the women shared their stories and their tasty products, with Lucy and Priya.

The team later made its way to meet with the WEL Steering Committee at Tawlet Restaurant in Beirut. There we had the pleasure to meet with Steering Committee member and co-founder of Tawlet and Souk el Tayeb, Ms. Christine Codsi and discussed the project’s challenges and ways forward, with HE Excellency Mexican Ambassador Jorge Alvarez, who has been a project supporter from the start and was able to offer some keen insights!

The trip wrapped up on the offices of the Rene Moawad offices in order to introduce Lucy to one of the most important partners in the project, Director Mr. Nabil Moawad. Nabil generously shared his thoughts on the project and together, we developed an understanding of the project strategy for the remaining 8 months.

With the solid backing of all of our project partners, we have the highest hopes for the success of the WEL women! We are so lucky to have Lucy as the newest part of the team and welcome our stakeholders here in Beirut any time!