TYO Round Up: Week of February 26, 2012

Celebrating the rare February 29th, TYO LEAPS into March with some exciting happenings all around!


Sunday, February 26

TYO's core program teacher Jawad reveals the magic of DRAMA in the classroom as a tool of self-expression and developmental exploration.


Monday, February 27

The interns share the joy and experiences of working with TYO's MOTHERS in Women's Group classes.


Tuesday, February 28

When things go BOOM in the classroom, it means success! The kids get creative with science building volcanoes and other fun combustibles.


Wednesday, February 29

In honor of the end of Black History Month, Abi talks DIVERSITY past, present, and photographed. Highlights on Derek Brown's photo series exploring diversity in the Muslim world.


Thursday, March 1

The Cherie Blair TEAM pay a visit to the women of WEL in Lebanon!


 Friday, March 2

This week, TYO takes it to the CITY, looking at youth in urban areas around the world and efforts to combat women's unemployment as the global recession drags on.