TYO Round Up: Week of March 25, 2012

TYO shakes up the global fabric this week with events bridging London and Lebanon, Jordan and DC, and of course the myriad goings-on at our flagship center in Nablus!

Saturday, march 24

TYO launches its KICK-OFF event in Washington, DC for the Racing the Planet 50K in 50 Days Campaign!


sunday, march 25

He did it before and he's doing it again-- Usama Malik's first guest post as he RACES to raise 50K in 50 days!


Sunday, March 25

TYO Psychosocial Program Manager Suhad opens discussion on the societal PRESSURES facing Nabulsi youth and ongoing efforts to combat them.


monday, March 26

My how the months fly by! The INTERNS reflect on their past two months at TYO.


Tuesday, March 27

TYO Fellow Clare ponders the face of CREATIVE THINKING for today's youth.


Wednesday, March 28

Once upon a STORY TIME with Triple Exposure students!


Thursday, March 29

From London to Lebanon, British AMBASSADOR H.E. Tom Fletcher hosts a reception in Beirut in honor of the lovely ladies of the WEL program!


Friday, March 30

This week for TYO Recommends, it's back to the BASICS with creativity in early childhood education!