TYO Round Up: Week of April 22, 2012

TYO winds down from the spring session...

Sunday, April 22

New study seeks to demonstrate the ACADEMIC impact of recess on early childhood development in and out of the classroom.


Monday, April 23

TYO welcomes newest intern, ASMA who will teach oral history for TYO and professional development at An-Najah University.


Tuesday, April 24

As part of the Racing the Planet GAMES series, students learn sportsmanship, teamwork, and how to turn trash into treasures with environmentally-friendly crafts!


Thursday, April 26

Usama Malik prepares for his 156-mile RACE across the Jordanian desert with this fun video-blog update! Only 15 days to go!


Friday, April 27

This week, TYO applauds holistic learning, cautions on the effects of overambitious schooling, and questions continuing trends in global misogyny.