Exciting New Additions to The Women's Group!


TYO started its third session of The Women's Group (TWG) a few weeks ago, and the center has been filled with more women than ever before. TWG is not only offering six new speakers to the roster of partner organizations offering seminars, but has added Beading and Photography classes as well (that are taught by local Nablusi women no less, who have practiced and honed their skills over the years to build successful careers out of them). English, Aerobics and IT classes are being continued as well. Sure enough the exciting new additions to the TWG brought in an influx of over 200 registrants, of which we were able to cater to 165 of this session (increasing our reach 25% from last session).

TWG is grateful for all of the local support partner organizations have been consistently providing by offering relevant seminars on a voluntary basis. We are proud to announce Hanan Salam - UNRWA Gender and Violence Trainer, Dr. Nisrin Ahmad - Pediatrician, Women's Committees for Social Work in Palestine, Palestinian Red Crescent Society, ROA for Thinking and Creative Engineering, and Union of Health Care Committees as our newly added partners this session. We must not forget Ibtisam Salameh - Photography teacher and Abeer Bakir - Beading teacher for paying forward their talents to other women of the community so they too might realize that the skills they are learning through these classes or their own interests can potentially be cultivated into sources of income.

The goal of TWG is to equip the disadvantaged women of Nablus with knowledge that can in turn be channeled into empowerment. The growth of registrants, partners and variety of classes each session underscores the recognition of the benefits of such programming by women and the community. Our hope is to continue focusing on and listening to the needs of the women in order to cater to them a greater number of relevant services each session. Continue following the strides TWG is making each session on our boundless journey for knowledge and empowerment. We are only just beginning!


-Samin Samin is The Women’s Group Program Coordinator