Thank You to a TYO Pioneer!

It is with great appreciation that we bid farewell to TYO Director, Nell Derick Debevoise. At this time, we also extend sincere congratulations on her recent graduation from Columbia and London Business Schools and heartfelt good wishes on the next phase of her already impressive career.

Nell was TYO’s founding director from December 2007 – March 2012. Living at the Flagship Center in Nablus for its first two years of operations, Nell was a driving force in TYO’s establishment. Without her vision, perseverance, talents, and amazing work ethic, TYO would certainly not be where it is today. With a knack for connecting the dots and way with words, Nell represented and led the TYO team not only in Nablus, but on a global stage, speaking eloquently alongside President Clinton at the TYO Gala in September 2011 and many other international platforms. Nell’s strategic vision was also integral in TYO’s expansion into Lebanon last year.

Nell may be departing as TYO’s Director, but she will certainly not be too far away! TYO is happy to announce that Nell will continue to play a vital role in shaping TYO’s development as Strategic Adviser. TYO Deputy Director in Washington, DC, Andrea Smith, will step into the role of acting Director, working closely with Nablus Center Director, Humaira Wakili, and TYO Lebanon Program Manager, Nadine Okla.