TYO Round Up: Week of May 13, 2012

This week at TYO-- updates from the field with Usama, TYO-Lebanon featured at AUB, and an examination of labor prospects for recent graduates in Nablus.


Sunday, May 13

TYO-Lebanon Program Manager NADINE speaks at the AUB Corporate Social Responsibility forum in Beirut.


Monday, May 14

Intern ASMA reflects on trials and triumphs during her time in Nablus.



A closer look at the labor market in Nablus and PROSPECTS for recent graduates moving into careers.


Wednesday, May 16

TYO Alum ANDREW Cope gives updates from life after TYO!


Thursday, May 17

TYO shows love and support for RACER Usama Malik!


Friday, May 18

TYO dives into the methodology behind PLAY, better ways to read, improvements in poverty and maternal health, and disturbing child abuse allegations for the mentally and behaviorally challenged.