TYO welcomes back Core AM and Core PM children

This past week, TYO was once again filled with the smiling faces of its 4-8 year olds in the Core AM and Core PM classes. We have more children registered this session than ever before and the demand for our programs has never been higher. We also have adjusted aspects of the program and are excited to pilot them and share them with you.

In the past, Core AM has enrolled 60 students and Core PM has had roughly 80.  Now, 83 children are registered in the morning program and 109 children are registered in the afternoon program.  The waiting lists for both programs are also overflowing.  Moreover, roughly half of the children have been in the Core AM and PM programs in a previous session.

The first half of the session will be very activity-focused, whereas the second half will be filled with more field trips.  TYO is excited to partner with one of the safest swimming pools in Nablus to enable many of its children to go swimming for the first time.  This pool, staffed with lifeguards, is normally frequented by some of the more privileged people in Nablus. Therefore, we are excited to not only give our children the opportunity to swim for the first time, but to also bring them to the nicest pool in Nablus.

One of the most significant changes to the Core AM and PM programs this session is the new snack options.  In the past, children in the program ate wheat sandwiches with tomatoes and a glass of fruit juice.  This session, we decided to focus more on providing our children with diverse forms of fruit and protein.  This past week, we piloted the changes in the snack program to see how the children enjoyed the new food options.

The Core AM children received two new meals.  On two days, they ate a hard-boiled egg with tomato salad and wheat bread; on the other two days, they ate a bowl of yogurt with fresh strawberries and bananas.  The Core PM children also had two new options; they ate a bowl of salad with lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers with a slice of wheat bread on two days; on the other two days, they ate the yogurt bowl with fruit.  All of these new snack options were big hits with the children – especially the hard-boiled eggs.  Notably, many of the children had never seen snacks like these before.  Therefore, we are thrilled to be able to provide them with nutrients that they would not normally receive otherwise.

Want to help provide these new healthy meals to the children TYO serves?  Join our Racing the Planet campaign.