Importance of Women Utilizing Critical Thinking Skills

The effects of a system that fails to incorporate critical thinking methods is clearly reflected in many of TWG attendees' inability to effectively solve problems. Robotic learning and memorization is not only a practice perpetuated by education ministries, but also religious institutions, governing powers, and so on. Often this means when you ask a woman questions like - what are the consequences of early marriage, why do you choose to wear hijabs, or how honor killings can be lawfully justified - she is unable to respond with a logical and satisfactory answer. Blind faith is subliminally embedded into every aspect of the society so as to create a culture of not questioning authority - whether it be one's husband, teacher, a religious cleric, or government representative - which keeps the possibility of change and solutions to male-domination distant and unattainable ideas.

Women are the foundation of society and breeders and teachers of the next generation. We comprise half of the population of the world, and thus should be equals in every step with men. In order to do so, logical, analytical thinking (devoid of emotional drivers and personal pride) is crucial for such a society to function healthily. To incline women to realize the benefits being more inquisitive and analytical about the decisions that are made for them by men in their lives, TWG has partnered with Shirin Sayed, founder of ROA for Thinking and Creative Engineering, who is providing women the analytic tools to think critically about their obstacles and opportunities, and to propose their own courses of action. With these seminars we intend to help attendees eventually develop the self-esteem necessary to discuss their opinions and concerns with their husbands, families, and communities. If we are able to make that stride with at least a few women, then the possibilities are endless; potentially propelling the women to engage in entrepreneurship, to advise other women in negotiation techniques, and to participate in activities that further community welfare.

If women remain as a mass of silent sufferers instead of individual thinkers who challenge status quo, then lack of societal respect for and protection of women's personal decision-making in regard to unwanted pregnancies, style of dress, a their right to choose their partners, etc. will continue. The idea of TWG group is for the strong, independent thinkers, challengers, entrepreneurs, wives, and mothers - who volunteer their expertise as guest speakers in seminars - to share that hope with attendees. Eventually, we look forward to seeing TWG attendees reach a level of growth in their critical thinking skills that will allow them to become the experts sharing these messages with their sisters, daughters, friends, and other women from their community.

-Samin Samin is the Program Coordinator for Women’s Empowerment Programs.