3 Reasons to Invest in Women Entrepreneurs

Women: The Third Billion

Considering that 70% of the world’s hungry are women and that two-thirds of the 750 million illiterate adults are women, investing in women can create a major impact. -Thomas Kostigen, Market Watch

Although conflicts in North Lebanon are ongoing, the Women Entrepreneurs of Lebanon have gone back to work! WEL resumed its IT trainings and incubation at the BIAT center in Tripoli, with all of our beneficiaries excited about their continued business growth.  The women now have a few months remaining to focus on the following main areas:

Incubation. Corporate Branding. Access to Finance

As Lebanon has become a more complicated terrain for our entrepreneurs, we are all the more proud of their dedication and commitment to their work. The impact that these women have made on their own lives, their families and on us speaks to remind us of why there is a global trend towards increasing the support for women entrepreneurs and women in the workforce. That is why we offer you….

3 Reasons Why We Should Invest in Women Entrepreneurs

Impact on Local Economic Growth:  By sheer numbers alone, increasing support and access to finance for women in business can have a tremendous impact on local economies. This growth can particularly be seen in underprivileged areas, like North Lebanon, where women have previously played a more diminutive role.

Impact on Families and Communities: Studies have shown that profits generated by women entrepreneurs are more likely to be invested in families and local communities, more so than in the case of male-generated incomes. That said, by investing in opportunities for women in business, the impact is likely to be felt on a much larger scale.

Impact on Social Development: In communities like North Lebanon, women are often discouraged from engaging in business due to cultural and social norms. As we provoke and inspire women to achieve business success, we stimulate their own feelings of self worth and confidence and that inevitably has a domino affect on their families, loved ones and peers, as well as within their communities, their region and nationwide.

TYO and TYO-L are dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs in Lebanon break glass ceilings and play a stronger role in enhancing their local communities and we look to you all as our partners!

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--Nadine Nadine Okla is TYO-L Program Manager based in Beirut.