TYO Round-Up: Week of May 27, 2012

TYO makes strides towards the summer session as we approach June!

Sunday, May 27

The Women's Group DISCUSSES how to unlock the greatness within!


Monday, May 28

TYO Alum ADAM Saper talks about life after TYO.


Tuesday, May 29

The YLC convenes in Nablus with the youth members of YALLA!


Wednesday, May 30

TYO alum JULIE Yelle recounts her experiences with Nabulsi society.


Thursday, May 31

TYO LAUNCHES the Child Friendly Schools Initiative in Beirut!


Friday, June 1

From spending on early childhood education to re-questioning the power of questioning and global “skills currency," this WEEK TYO comments on education reform and unusual workplace pressures for women.