WEL Back on Track: Celebrating the Completion of the IT Training!

The WEL project focuses on truly empowering our women entrepreneurs and we have consistently assessed their evolving needs. Through that process, our women came to us and posed the question: “What woman in business today can survive without basic computer skills? “ That in mind, TYO partnered with Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) to deliver a 6-week intensive basic computer-training course that focused on teaching basic computer skills with an emphasis on the following outputs:

  • Personal awareness and self-empowerment
  • 21st Century workforce development skills
  • Entrepreneurship and enterprise development

The training module included:

  • Basic Functions, such as saving documents, opening programs, etc.
  • Word Processing
  • Accessing Information
  • Internet Use, including research
  • Managing/Using Email
  • Keeping Business Records
  • Presenting Information

“DOT has developed a program model that harnesses the power of youth to act as leaders, working with their communities to promote the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the creation of entrepreneurial spirit as a means for economic and social development.” As such, two talented and skilled DOT interns facilitated the training to further empower our WEL ladies. Mr. Hassan Mostafa was a DOT Lebanon Intern in 2009 and facilitated training classes for the WAKIB: Income Generation Through ICT project. Ms. Layal Sadek was a DOT Lebanon Intern in 2010, and facilitated training classes for the SHARIK: Entrepreneurship and Employability project. We are delighted that they can now add the WEL: Women Entrepreneurs in Lebanon project to their experiences!

Many thanks to the DOT team for their efforts and support for our women!