Building Confidence, Capability and Capital!

We were so proud to see the immense growth shown by Ms. Sahar Abou Doleh, our resident Queen Bee. Sahar is a 46-year-old woman from the North Lebanon village of Kfarhabou. Her work experience has been in the creation of honey from the well-known Cedars of Lebanon and through the course of her training, she realized that she could also expand into the niche of Oak Tree Honey!

We interviewed Sahar and are happy to share the highlights with you!

How have you benefited most from your training?

The training allowed me to understand how to really start my business. I have always worked with my brother in honey production, but now I see that with skills like understanding bookkeeping, a professional logo/branding and appropriate pricing structures, I can take my business to a new level!

How has the WEL program affected your confidence level?

When I first started the training, I knew that I had the know-how to produce excellent honey but I didn’t know that I could have the skills to be a real businesswoman! Through the project, my confidence is a 10 on the scale of 1-10! I thank TYO, RMF and CBFW for their support, training and confidence in me.

What has been the greatest difference that you have seen in your business?

My profits are up 60% from what they were one year ago, before I started my training.  I have now taken a loan of 10,000USD to support and grow my business and I have the confidence to know that the investment will be well spent.

What is your ultimate dream or ambition?

My dream is to see my honey sold all over Lebanon, the Middle East and the rest of the world. It is that good!

And we agree,  having tried it for ourselves..

Good luck to you, Sahar. We know you can do it!