TYO Round-Up: Week of August 5, 2012


This week, TYO checks in with the Child Friendly Schools project, inspires innovation in the classroom, talks with YALLA participant Wala'a and welcomes the Summer II interns to Nablus!

Sunday, August 5

TYO checks in with the Child Friendly Schools project as they meet with the principals of their target schools and gear up for the year.


Monday, August 6

Inspired by Gaza taxi driver Mansur Al-Kabas and his electric car, the interns seek to encourage innovation in their classrooms.


Tuesday, August 7

Meet local student Wala'a Omar, founder of the Deir al-Hatab children's park project for the YALLA initiative!


Wednesday, August 8

The Summer II interns have arrived! Intern Mary gives us a fast-paced comic describing her first week in action.


Thursday, August 9

Empowering women isn't always easy, but nothing's impossible! TYO's Samin breaks the process down into five critical steps.


Friday, August 10

This week, TYO looks at creative changemakers in the Middle East, evaluates the impact of the economy on social progress, and takes some Forbes advice from a leading woman entrepreneur!