Women's Equality Day

Women's and girls' equality with men and boys should be an uncompromising human right globally. Our programming at TYO perpetually tries to instill in our women and girls that they are the key to ensuring the development and prosperity of their community. However, before they can make monumental changes at a community level, they must first realize their potential and channel it to become empowered and free women. It is only once they reach this level of confidence that they can then wholly contribute to their families and community at-large. TYO understands the need for inclusion in order to acknowledge the importance of gender equality. Our programs are structured so that children are in class side-by-side, girls and boys. Our volunteers and teachers also work across gender to plan for and lead classes together. Participants of The Women's Group enroll in classes and seminars hosted by both women and men, and finally our female entrepreneurs are on the path to balance economic disparity between genders.

In a society where gender-based violence, job discrimination, and reproductive health inequities are at the core of developmental issues it is especially important for us to advocate for women and girls, offer support projects that improve their lifestyle and expand their choices, as well as arm them with the knowledge and resources necessary to take control of their lives to reach equal footing with men.

In honor of this Women's Equality Day we present a slideshow of all the strong, independent women and girls at TYO who maintain a hopeful outlook for a better tomorrow. Happy Women's Equality Day!


Samin is the Program Coordinator for Women’s Empowerment Programs.