Psychosocial Programs Make Children Happiest

Children enrolled in the early childhood programs at Tomorrows Youth Organization (TYO) started their first week of classes last week. TYO offers different programs that enable children to discover and express themselves. The children we work with come from very crowded environments in the refugee camps and the underprivileged areas that lack safe, open spaces for children to play. TYO offers kids the space to play and develop their personalities. Children who are involved in the Core Program come from TYO's target areas of Nablus' four refugee camps as well as the Old City  and Khallet Al Amood. Four times a week for 12 weeks, students are involved in different and creative activities planned and implemented by  teachers and university student volunteers.

TYO's Psychosocial Programs are important in the lives of the children because we understand that mental health is just as important as physical health to a human being. Certainly, developing someone's personality shouldn’t be neglected. According to the Universal Health Organization Constitution, "complete health is a combination between physical and mental and social health, its not only living physically healthy without diseases." Because of this, we focus on mental health programs and this is why TYO is very much interested in offering programs that build healthy personalities in children.

TYO aims to provide a secure environment for children to help them play. Play is necessary in the life of a child. So at TYO, we offer sports, art, drama and IT classes for our youngest beneficiaries. We believe that through play, a child will develop his muscles, his brain and his mental skills as well as his language, vocabulary, and his imagination.

At TYO a child is given complete space to express himself. His emotions also encourage him to share, communicate, develop his self-confidence and accept others.


Haitham is a Core Program teacher at TYO Nablus.