TYO Recommends: October 19, 2012


I am a women from Palestine. Shashat hosts the 8th Annual Women's Film Festival in Palestine 21 September - 15 December.

Engagement, the Millennial Way. Community engagement is hard and difficult work, but it should be fun.

What are we waiting for? Asks Joelle Wyser-Pratte, Co-founder, The Ounavarra Foundation, when it comes to Empowering Girls, Enriching Developing Nations.

We are all Malala. With Malala's story moving us all, we take a moment to reflect on the many Malalas whose stories are rarely told.

Education at a Glance. The 2012 edition enables countries to see their permanence according to OECD indicators in the light of other countries’ educational performance.

Innovate for Peace. An inspiring group of male and female Afghan tech entrepreneurs turn to computing and technology to wage peace, generate income, and strive to be role models for Afghan youth.