Women Entrepreneurs in Lebanon Brand and Market their Businesses

Lebanon was rocked by the assassination of Mr. Wissam Al-Hassan, head of the intelligence branch of Lebanon's International Security Forces, who was killed on 19 October 2012, in a bombing in the popular commercial district of Sassine, Achrafieh. Post the assassination; we had several days of uncertainty about the potential escalations of violence that Lebanon could face, due to the assassination. Currently, the situation remains relatively calm and TYO-Lebanon’s thoughts are with those directly affected by the bombing, and we remain optimistic in the ability of the Lebanese people to overcome this devastating blow. Despite the challenges within the country, the WEL women remain a hard-working dedicated group, determined to overcome the obstacles that may stand in the way of their success. The women have most recently completed the Corporate Identities/Branding of their businesses, and are ready to go to print! This means that the women will now be equipped with products that can be sold anywhere in Lebanon, or abroad!

Here is an inside look at 3 of our top 10 women’s businesses and products:

Ms. Sahar Abo Doleh has been working hard on establishing her honey as a premium product, to be sold all across Lebanon. She worked with our volunteer graphic design team to develop her concept: “Pure Mountain Honey,” and the WEL team has secured market opportunities for her product, once she is ready.


Ms. Hwayda Charaf Eddine has a real artistry with her accessories and the name of her business says it all: “Hwayda’s Accessories.” Her branding is as lovely and as feminine as her accessories!


Ms. Asma Amyouni has managed to create a secret special blend of herbs in her preserved olives that have created a niche for her product. Her “Wadina Herby Olives” will take the market by storm!

In addition to their branding, 6 of our women recently participated in an Exposition, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Tripoli (CCIAT), Oct. 5th-7th from 5:00pm-10:00pm, which provided them with additional networking opportunities, as well as the chance to sell their products.

Congratulations to all the WEL women in this big step towards creating a brand for their products, which will serve to help them in both accessing markets, and networks for sale!