The heart of TYO, We Thank Our Volunteers!

Almost 80% of TYO operates on a voluntary basis. As an organization, we recognize that with such a high, committed group of young adults, our volunteers are at the heart of our work. Volunteers from Nablus to California come together for one purpose: to work with the most disadvantaged community members in Nablus. And while they work with our children, youth and mothers, they are strong and incredible role models for this city. As the Fall 2012 Internship Program comes to an end, our students take the time to thank each of our Palestinian and American volunteers for all of the hard work they put in this session.

Mohammad, Ahmad, Sondos, Tommy, Ruba, Samer, Lamees, Loai, Mary, Amani, Samar, Megan and Lila - thank you all for an amazing session. Thank you for putting smiles on our children's faces each day! Without you, we could not run our center.