Tomorrow’s Youth Organization goes to London to Celebrate Women Entrepreneurs in Lebanon!

In support of our partner, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, TYO participated in their Enterprise Development Programme launch events in London last week. We were honored to be asked to share our story and that of beneficiary Ms. Hwayda Charaf Eddine and are dedicated to the vision that Ms. Cherie Blair shares in her quote below:

The Enterprise Development Programme is at the heart of our vision for a world where women have equal opportunities and the capability, confidence and capital necessary to establish and grow businesses, resulting in a brighter future for the women themselves, their families and their communities as a whole. –Cherie Blair

The evening began with a mixer of esteemed guests all in support of women and the impact that they can make on local community. TYO Progam Manager, Ms. Nadine Okla, participated in a panel discussion, where she shared the story on behalf of Ms. Hwayda Charaf Eddine, as Hwayda was not able to be there. Nadine spoke about Hwayda’s challenges and successes, particularly the impact of the WEL 4-day IBP training on her business skills and the immense benefits she received from the network support, corporate branding and marketing that she received during our 8 month incubation. Hwayda’s story was well received and TYO hopes that she will be an inspiration to other women in Lebanon.

from the CBFW Press Release for the EDP Launch

“The potential of women entrepreneurs remains largely untapped in developing and emerging markets, with many still lacking the skills, capital and access to markets they need to be successful micro, small and growing business owners. Women are three times more likely to operate in the informal economy due to legal and cultural constraints, which restricts the prospects for their businesses to grow. This wasted potential isn't only a missed opportunity for the women who are not able to achieve their dreams. It's a loss to their children, communities and economies as well.

The Enterprise Development Programme (EDP) addresses these challenges by delivering tailored business training, facilitating business registration and enhancing access to capital and markets. Working in partnership with non-profit, private and public sector organisations, we develop sustainable solutions to the challenges women entrepreneurs face. We focus on women who have achieved some business success, but need support to move to the next level. Our tailored support equips women entrepreneurs with the tools to transition into small and growing businesses. As a result profits increase, jobs are created and confidence levels rise.

TYO was so proud to see that CBFW include Ms. Sahar Abu Doleh, another one of our leading women, in their EDP video, so please check it out!

About the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women provides women with the skills, technology, networks and access to finance that they need to become successful small and growing business owners, so that they can contribute to their economies and have a stronger voice in their societies. Follow them on Twitter @cherieblairfndn.