EFE Workshops: “Be Entrepreneur, and Build your Country”

Education for Employment's (EFE) mission is to empower youth with the skills and opportunities they need to build careers that create a better future for themselves, their communities and the world. To meet this mission they have been conducting a series of workshops around the West Bank called “Be Entrepreneur, and Build your Country” to help small business owners build their capacity by providing world-class professional and technical training that lead to successful businesses. Like fellow WISE participant Sahar Dwaikat, I have participated in programs including TYO’s Fostering Women Entrepreneurs in Nablus (FWEN) and the Women's Incubation Service for Entrepreneurs (WISE) project, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s Mentor/Mentee program, Small Enterprise Center’s Business Development Training and Systematic Training for Initiating and Creating Enterprises, as well as Business Women’s Forum’s (BWF) series of workshops in Nablus. I strongly agree with one of WISE's goals to help businesswomen seek out opportunities to participate in meetings, classes, conferences and other development programs. To meet this goal I signed up for EFE's series of workshops at TYO.

EFE's series of workshops “Be Entrepreneur, and Build your Country” aims to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to turn their ideas into real business. The program started with a communication skills training that lasted for one week. The training covered information on how to appropriately contact and deal with customers as business owners, how to present a business in front of investors, as well as professional report writing.

Next, they held a workshop on business etiquette, to help us ensure that our businesses avoid mishaps due to a lack of proper business etiquette. EFE covered a wide range of topics including the importance of attitude, nonverbal and verbal communication guidelines, forms of address, telephone and email etiquette and more.

Workshops will continue through the next month, including one on developing business plans and preparing them well enough to effectively present our businesses in front of investors. Thank you EFE for your continued support of youth and entrepreneurs in Palestine!

Stay tuned for more updates on the conclusion of the EFE workshops next month!

-Ayat Ayat is a participant of WISE.