TYO is Invited to the Arab Youth & Entrepreneurship: Holistic Approaches to Nurturing Local Ecosystem Conference in Doha, Qatar

The conference held Feb. 16th-18th,  was organized by the Arab Urban Development Institute and Silatech, in partnership with the World Bank and the Global Partnership for Youth Employment. The TYO team was invited by Silatech, to attend the 3-day conference in Doha, where key stakeholders from government, private and public sectors came together to address ways to improve opportunities for youth entrepreneurs in the MENA region. TYO-Lebanon PM Nadine Okla

“The premise of this conference is that a more comprehensive approach to youth economic inclusion is needed, supported by the creation of local urban ecosystems that enhance youth entrepreneurship and economic activity at the grassroots level. The event aims to highlight the importance of holistic, multi-sectoral approaches to achieving meaningful and sustainable social impact. “

Some key speakers included Mr. Fadi Ghandour, founder of Aramex, TYO friend, Lebanese representative Ms. Haneen Sayeed of the World Bank and Mr. Habib Haddad, a representative from WAMDA, a FWEME Lebanon Steering Committee Member!

TYO was happy to participate in the conference events and discussions and hope that the spirit of teamwork and a shared mission felt at the conference can lead to increased opportunities for young women entrepreneurs in Lebanon and Palestine.Workshop

To learn more about the conference: https://aye2013.org/index.php