Meet Lebanon Entrepreneur, Mrs. Asma Amyouni, Creator of Herby Olives!

Asma is the envy of her coop with her secret blend of spices and herbs, making traditional olives with a twist!

TYO speaks with Asma, while she participates in a local expo in Ras Beirut, and here we share with you some of her thoughts and challenges….

“Due to the long-standing civil war in Lebanon, I did not have traditional education opportunities. In 1975, the war made it impossible to complete my education, and forced me to think of creative ways to use my skills and generate income for my family and myself. This led me to think about using my skills in pickles and preserves and to find a unique way to position myself in the local market. This is how I invented my special blend of “Herby Olives.”

 By nature, I am a person who can handle responsibility and who believes in the importance of progress. Because of this, I decided to become an active member in one of the women’s association in my village, the small but gorgeous Kfarhabou in North Lebanon. My business was all about having a new and unique product, which would set me apart from others.

Thanks to my training with TYO and as I have experience in doing “mouneh” or pickles/preserves, I participated in an intensive training on food processing, as well as hygiene issues, and ensuring that my product is up to standard.  Due to the high interest in my special Herby Olives, I decided to put all of my energies in this product because I believe it can help me to achieve my dreams….


My dream is all about being a successful businesswoman and thanks to TYO and my training, I now have my own company and am well known in my local market.  Now that I have accomplished that part of my dream, I can now dream bigger! I want people to enjoy my olives, not only known in Lebanon, but all over the world! I am an ambitious woman, and because I know I can rely on my family for their support, I feel I can overcome all the obstacles that will face me in the future. Please allow me to say that it is because of the help of TYO, that I feel I can bring my business success back home, to my little village of Kfarhabou, and inspire other women to dream BIG!”