Meet Tomorrow’s Youth: Sura

Sura and Ala

Sura Daraghmeh, 23, from Tubas, is a current volunteer in Homework Help at TYO. Sura is a current student at Al Quds Open University in Nablus and this is her first session as a volunteer at TYO.

What has been your favorite memory at TYO? 

I will never forget Raya, a girl from Khallet al Amood, who always smiles at me even though she doesn’t know me. She has the most beautiful smile in the world. It’s precious to be loved by a child.

Why is volunteering important and why did you decide to volunteer?

Volunteering is something beautiful because it makes you valuable and productive without thinking about money - especially when you make a child smile. For me, TYO was a place where I had the chance to help children on different levels - the psychosocial level and the  academic through Homework Help. Volunteering helps me develop my personality and builds my skills. The youth are considered the leaders of the future and there is still a lot to be learned!

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Palestinian youth?

When I look at the situation of the youth in other countries and all of the opportunities they get compared to Palestinian youth, I feel very angry. Aren’t we like other youth in other countries? Don’t we deserve the opportunities like they do? Sadly, the political and economic situations in Palestine prevent us from living full lives.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

I have big dreams that I am working hard towards achieving. I will make sure that in the near future, I wil open my own company because I want to be independent and responsible for myself. I am dreaming of building a school for orphans - who are so valuable to society.

How do you think what you’ve learned at TYO will benefit you in the long run?

Despite of the short time I spent at TYO, I am sure its going to add to me and my future life! I can't wait to see how!

This interview was translated by TYO's Outreach Coordinator, Futoon Qadri.