FWEME Officially Launches FWEME with the 4-Day Intensive Business Basics Training Course

TYO-L has been laying the groundwork for the FWEME project with extensive outreach in the Bekaa Valley. We have had the pleasure to meet with municipal, community leaders and potential women entrepreneurs in the following regions of the Bekaa Valley:

  • Zahle
  • Anjar
  • Riyak
  • Keb Elias and
  • Firzol

The Bekaa Valley is one of the most under served communities in Lebanon, with fewer training programs for women so TYO-L is proud to be able to offer our program, and to create opportunities for our beneficiaries.  We were able to reach almost 100 women in our outreach and it has been such an enriching experience to meet all of these capable ladies, who lack the extra support they need to grow and succeed with their businesses. We look forward to a successful 16 months of training, coaching, mentoring and incubation support for the soon-to-be businesswomen of the Bekaa!

We have been so well received in all of the communities that we have met with and we extend many thanks to our participants and supporters in the Bekaa Valley.

Women who are interested to join our 4- Days training course held at Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Zahle, please feel free to contact farah@tomorrowsyouth.org.