TYO-Lebanon: Boosting Women in Business

Women in the Arab world, and specifically Lebanon and similar to other underdeveloped areas of the world, have long experienced discrimination and been subject to restrictions on their freedoms and rights, throughout history. Some of these practices are based on religious beliefs, but many of the limitations are cultural and emanate from tradition rather than religion. These main constraints that create an obstacle towards women's rights and liberties are reflected in laws dealing with criminal justice, economy, education and healthcare. The most effective mechanism that protects women's rights in Lebanon at the present moment is on the national level. In addition, NGOs have made voluntary, continuous efforts to abolish discrimination against women and expand awareness among the local population. More than three thousand NGOs are working at the present time in Lebanon, some of which are directly concerned with women's issues, while others include some programs about women in their work. Tomorrow’s Youth Organization is one of those NGOs that work with women in the Middle East because we believe that they are a great source of potential for improvements in the society and economy.

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Tomorrow’s Youth Organization projects are designed to empower women by building their capacities to generate income for themselves, through self-owned businesses,  thus gaining a wider space of independence in society. Our business training programs provide customized business development training, coaching, and confidence-building activities for high-potential young women to develop viable business plans based on their skills, education, and motivation to work.