A Letter to Our Students

To: TYO Summer Camp Kids 2013                                                                               Nablus, Palestine


Dear TYO Students,

We are so excited to finally meet you!

TYO Intern Office: The site of our late night planning sessions.

Since arriving last week, we have been busy recovering from jet-lag, exploring your beautiful city of Nablus, and preparing for our classes together. Everyone we've met at TYO has been so kind and hospitable, but the center feels empty without you here.

We have devotedly prepared for your arrival by practicing our minimal Arabic, wracking our brains for exciting lessons, educating ourselves about TYO, and learning about your community and culture.  We explored the old city, refugee camps, and our neighborhood of Khallet Al-Amoud.  This helped us understand how we can best help you grow and mature into the incredible people you will become, inshallah.

Last week, we had the wonderful opportunity to observe and learn from the dedicated TYO Core Program teachers and staff that many of you already know and admire. Now that you are older, we are so excited to share our international experience and diverse teaching styles with you in our art, drama, and sports summer camp classes.

Suhad and the CORE PM students.

This summer, we hope that you will become more aware of your individual identities, as well as your role in communities to which you belong. We hope you will learn to recognize the similarities and differences between yourself and other people in your classes, neighborhoods, city, and around the world.  We will strive to help you recognize and embrace your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, and become more confident in all that you have to offer to your families and wider community.

Planning out lessons has brought back many wonderful childhood memories of our own school years and most engaging teachers. We are so eager to share our ideas, games, and projects with you over the coming weeks. We want you to adorn the halls with art and laughter, appreciate that everyone’s voice is important and unique, and freely express your opinions and beliefs.

We welcome you into our classes with open minds and open hearts!

!أهلاً وسهلاً


Jenna, Jessica, and Emma