Too Small to Fail: From America to Palestine

Last month, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released a short announcement video about her latest initiative, Too Small to Fail. Yet what she says in the four-minute clip will have lasting impact on young kids. Too Small to Fail is an early childhood development initiative aiming to help parents and businesses take meaningful actions to improve the health and well-being of children ages zero to five. To accomplish this, Too Small to Fail promotes new research on children's brain development science, early learning, and early health and also equips communities to identify the specific actions they can take to ensure strong, healthy futures for the next generation. As Too Small to Fail specifically concentrates on America, we applaud this major milestone  for young ones in the United States. But Hillary Clinton is a world leader, and other countries around the globe-like Palestine- should also pay attention to her push to improve the futures of children.

TYO Psychosocial Progam Manager Suhad smiles with some of the Core Program kids.

Too Small to Fail was made possible because individuals in the United States recognized the critical needs of young children, and the permanent impact of these first years on an individual’s entire life. At TYO, we are well aware of that early childhood is the most vital part of development in the lifespan and that neurological and biological development are greatly influenced by an infant or toddler's environment. Early experiences- whether it's an volatile living situation, exposure to violence, or dysfunctional family dynamic- determine a lifetime of health, education, and economic participation. On a broader level, early childhood development is a very wise investment for societies as a whole- a nation's future economic prosperity is based heavily on the success of it's children today.

This is why Mrs. Clinton expresses that the future of our country depends on healthy kids and loving families- and this sentiment echoes across all nations, from America to Palestine. Because of the anxiety and pressure that many children face daily in places like Nablus, it's more important than ever to ensure kids feel secure, and attached to warm, loving caregivers. That's why our Core Program offers non-formal activities for children who lack much-needed support elsewhere focused on learning through play, and gives students the opportunity to discover and express themselves. Kids in Core Program also have the chance to think critically, be creative, and feel empowered- which bolster their chances for better educational and mental health outcomes.

So here at TYO, we especially welcome the launch of Too Small to Fail and hope to see it spread globally, so we can continue to launch the next generation into a stronger, healthier future.

Suhad Jabi Masri is the Psychosocial Program Manager at TYO. Above, she shares her thoughts on Hillary Clinton's Too Small to Fail initiative, and how it fits in with her work in Palestine.