TYO-Lebanon to Host GE Training Event in Lebanon!

As we previously shared with you, TYO-L participated in the prestigious  “Leading and Learning” event in Crotonville, NY from May 13-15th.  This year’s theme was to inspire women leaders in business to be “always evolving.” TYO at GE's Leading and Learning Training Event

TYO-L Country Director Nadine Okla took away so many valuable learnings from the GE Leadership and Learning training, that TYO-L is happy to announce a similar training for our beneficiaries in Lebanon!

The training will be held in July 2013 at the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture in Zahle, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. The main focal points of the training will be:

  • Communicating your Brand
  • Negotiating for Success
  • Hiring the Right Talent
  • Confronting Performance Issues
  • Coaching and Mentoring

TYO-L is honored to host this training and we are sure that our leading entrepreneurs will take away important lessons, that they can share within their communities, further expanding the reach of the learning.

TYO-L offers many thanks to the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women for including us in the event and to GE, for their customized training for entrepreneurs coming from around the world!

TYO-L invites women entrepreneurs to participate and those interested, please feel free to contact Ms. Farah Obeid at farah@tomorrowsyouth.org