TYO's University Scholarship Recipient

This summer, TYO awarded its second annual Youth Service Learning Scholarship to one of our volunteers, Salah Khateeb, who is currently a student at Al-Quds Open University. Salah is majoring in economics and lives with his six family members in Balata Refugee Camp. Three of his sisters are currently enrolled in  An-Najah University, and one plans on applying after graduation. Having so many family members attending college has created a difficult financial situation for them. Salah's solution is to “look for a part time job to try to save up for the next semesters' tuition."

He confesses, “I didn’t really expect myself to be chosen for the scholarship. Hearing my name being called out as the recipient was certainly a pleasant surprise." Salah also shares that this scholarship will help him graduate on time because he doesn't have to take a semester off to save up for next semester's tuition. He adds, “now I can focus on my studies rather than on finding a job."

Country Director Humaira presents Salah with his $1,000 scholarship award

Having so many dedicated volunteers, it was a difficult decision to make. After several meetings and recommendations, we were finally able to agree on a winner. Salah Khateeb, was announced as our second annual Youth Service Learning Scholarship recipient on September 18, 2013. Samer Abu-Liel, our first annual university scholarship winner, was there to cheer on his friend.

Salah's group wins the 'Healthy Food Group Hunt'

Salah explains how working with TYO has allowed him to further develop his personal and professional skills. “I couldn’t imagine myself standing in front of a large group to give a presentation, but TYO has helped me develop my communication and presentation skills," he says. His experience at TYO has also taught him how to be patient, especially with children, “I can now say that I know how to control myself with children and how to deal with them, which has reflected on my life in general."

As an active and committed volunteer, Salah Khateeb deserves to graduate and find the job he has always dreamed of. Salah, TYO wishes you a bright future!


Ruba is the Volunteer Coordinator at TYO in Nablus. This blog was edited by Reema, a fall 2013 TYO Zahi Khouri Fellow.