Women Empowered at the IWECI Summit

Recently, women have been more involved in business sectors and they are developing to be a great part of society. Loftus-Farren, in his article: “Why Are Women Left out of Climate Change Policy Making?” He believes that women’s empowerment, rights of nature, and a breakthrough are the IWECI (International Women’s Earth and Climate Initiative) Summit’s mission of boosting women’s role. This summit will bring 100 women all over the world from different backgrounds to participate. Those women are exceptional in their own right leading the way into different majors in society. IWECI mission is to set up a Global Women's Climate Action Movement. This kind of establishment is a huge enterprise and incentive for any progress to further engage and activate women globally to act as powerful entrepreneurs and stakeholders in solving climate change. While much of these issues focus on women’s empowerment. It is extremely important that it reflects TYO work and missions. TYO is always making sure to pursue women’s rights advocacy through sustainable development and engaging them more into work and culture. TYO targets women through various ways of connections:

  • It represents the best aspects of managing and contributing to essential services to helping women get out of traditional and corrupted lifestyles.
  • It influences women’s personal life through education and programming. When awareness and educational programs are raised among them, they will be more urbanized to mobilize efficiently in the communal activities.
  • It helps women think, create, plan, organize, and activate. Because women are an essential component of life, they can make a big change in peace-making.

TYO and IWECI share common ground, as they tend to gather women of different levels around the world. Women from government, prestigious, and extreme conditions all stay in touch to accelerate global excellence and show how women can successfully work together.

Everything needs a base in order to build on. Those women just need the base in order to grow well as everything else. That’s why trainings and instructions are always available to help; for example, strategic guidance and launching programs are very important ways to keep along on a business plan.

Diane Mariechild once said: “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”  TYO tends to trigger those traits in every single woman who still doesn’t believe in her abilities to lead a successful life in any major path she chooses to follow.

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