Women Empowerment: Strategic Guidance and Leadership

Empowering women is no longer a taboo subject and women are no longer considered inferior to men in the workplace. The international community has begun to realize that providing women with economic opportunities can stimulate economies. There are a set of principles that we at TYO-L use to guide us in our programming, to better empower our entrepreneurs that includes:

  • Trainings
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Development
  • Personal Development

Our entrepreneurs have now entered the 2nd phase of the FWEME project and each and every week at TYO-L, they are gaining more experience and getting further along in developing their SMART business plans. By working one on one with a business development training coach, the women are learning different strategies to help grow/expand their businesses.

Following their participation in the 4-day IBB training, the women were able to make huge steps forward and are now thinking about their businesses more strategically. The women are so excited about their projects and are working hard to reach their goals and we are so proud to be assisting them on that journey!

Also, TYO hosted the MENA +Social Good Technology for Social Good in the Arab World event on November 7, 2013. It was an interactive virtual global summit on the role of the internet, social media & technology in enabling Social Good and shaping the future of the Arab World. A lot of women were interested and attended the event that was mainly about the following objectives:

  • Building successful public-private partnerships
  • Empowering women business
  • Using technology for capacity building and knowledge transfer
  • Expanding education initiatives – virtual classrooms
  • Using technology for education