Final Farewell: Rosie

Rosie and Roz stand for a picture Now that my time as an intern has to come to an end here at TYO I’ve been able to spend a short moment reflecting upon the overall experience. This is certainly a challenging experience, one that makes you reassess your own limits. But then, perhaps because of this, it is also one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had the privilege to have. Every ounce of effort you put into this internship can be seen reflected in the smile on a child’s face, and the pride that emanates from within you when you see the progress that they are making.

Thaer throws the ball for Rosie

Throughout my time here I have come to understand that the difference we make is often part of a longer more sustainable process. Before you even step foot into the classroom years of effort put in by local and international staff, as well as past interns, have helped children with serious behavioural issues progress to children who appear to be angels of obedience and calm. However, even as a small part of this broader process, as interns we are often still lucky enough to see growth within our own session as well as see the results of the progress made in previous ones.

Rosie and Wala compete at hula-hooping

I would like to use one example of a student in my class. From the first day teaching at TYO this student was one of the most difficult to handle. His behavioural issues apparently rooted back to a stereotypical attitude held in Palestine of women being the weaker sex. In every class he presented new challenges for me and my volunteer group. However, as the weeks went on I started to see a real change in him, especially after he had talked to other female staff members here he seemed to begin changing his attitude towards women. By the time we had reached our final weeks I started to see him as ally in the classroom, and as someone who would help me when other students misbehaved by encouraging them to follow the rules. This student is just one example of the effect TYO has on this challenged community, and he is one of many reasons why I can look back on my time at TYO with happiness and pride that I could be a part of this amazing process.

Tala shows off her lovely smile before sports class

- Rosie

Rosie is a Fall 2013 intern at TYO in Nablus.