FWEME Celebrates One-Year!

The FWEME project has just celebrated its one-year anniversary in November and we’re so proud of the progress of our women entrepreneurs! In the one year that has passed, the women have gained a tremendous amount of experience through their 4-day IBB trainings and their one-on-one work with their business coach. Currently, all 10 of the women entrepreneurs have fully developed their ideas to scale up or improve their businesses, and how they can differentiate themselves in their markets.

Through their work and research with their coaches, they are working to complete their SMART business plans, which will include strategies related but not limited to:

  • Profitability
  • Growth rates
  • Financial Impact
  • Potential Economic Opportunities

We at TYO-L firmly believe in the importance of increasing entrepreneurship opportunities for women by providing them, with the skills they will need to better their marketing, financing, and networking opportunities.

As we look to the next year, an important next step will be to link the entrepreneurs with financial institutions that can provide tailored services to our beneficiaries.