TYO-L Interviews Ms. Rola Dally: FWEME Beneficiary

Rolla Mais FWEME Beneficiary 1)      What is your personal background?

My name is Rola Dally El- Maiss, and I come from “Bar Elias” in the Bekaa Valley. I got married to Dr. Reda El- Maiss and i raised three boys: Khaled, Walid, and Ali. I have studied law and got my BA from the Lebanese University, and later on I studied art for 3 years which I really loved and was able to develop my skills throughout years.

2)      What is your business idea?

Although I paint at home and do some exhibitions from time to time, I always aim to develop an art academy, in which we can teach art for all those students who are interested to develop their talents. My mother used to draw and paint when I was young and I always wanted to be like her when I grow up because I always had some kind of passion toward art and colors. Now, I have more than 20 years of experience in this field and my son Khaled is willing to help me out with this because he is an architect and I believe we can do a good business together.

3)      What experience did you make from the FWEME training?

Before the training, I had completely no idea about developing a business plan. FWEME trainings put me on the right track and helped me out to define clearly what I wanted to pursue. After all the trainings and one-on-one coaching sessions, I was able to organize my ideas in order to define my business plan and take the first right steps.

 4)      What kind of experience do you have?

As I have mentioned earlier, I have more than 20 years of experience. I have done many exhibition shows before in:

  • 2008: University Antonine
  • 2009: Art Circle
  • 2010: Qatar
  • 2011: Cultural Center  sponsored by “Lions”

 5)     What is your dream or ambition?

I have a lot of dreams. But I have a special one which is to develop my own school of art in the Bekaa Valley.

TYO-L wishes luck and success to Ms. Rola Dally and is happy to help her grow and succeed.