TYO-Lebanon Wishes you a Happy and Healthy 2014!

To start off 2014, TYO-L is pleased to share an interview with FWEME beneficiary, Ms. Helene Saliba Maillo. What is your personal background?

My name is Helene Saliba Maillo and I’m 42 years old. I’m from Zahle in the Bekaa Valley Eastern region of Lebanon.  I’m married and the proud mother of 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. I have completed my studies in France, and then became a beauty specialist. I love travelling and painting.

What is your business idea?

I currently have my own business, a beauty salon, and I love my work! I have wanted to be a beauty specialist since I was young girl and therefore I started with my current business and over time I was able to develop my skills. I currently have lots of regular customers that I worth with who appreciate my skills and services. I really enjoy what I do and believe that I can have a real impact on people, past the superficial layer of beutification. I believe that when someone feels beautiful on the outside, it only helps them to see how beautiful they are on the inside!

What experience did you make from the FWEME’s trainings?

The whole experience with TYO-Lebanon has been amazing so far! Everything about my business has become more clear, from the budgeting to the marketing to the branding image of myself, my store and my services.  Prior to participating in the FWEME program, I had variety of hazy ideas that I wanted to pursue all together, with no cleaar focus.. However, after all the trainings and one-on-one coaching sessions, I was able to organize my ideas in order to define my business plan and take the first right steps.

What kind of experience do you have?

I have twelve year experience as a beauty specialist and it has prepared me to understand more about my clients’ desires and needs. I believe that I still need some experience in different areas of business such as finance and accounting.

What is your dream or ambition?

My dreams are many and limitless. I always hope to see my children happy and successful in their majors. As for my work, I make sure to work hard in order to develop and grow my business into a larger salon, offering a wider variety of services with a wholistic approach to health and beauty, from the inside out!

Helene Mallo FWEME Beneficiary